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TCM and Chronic Headaches

9 - Mar - 22

Did you know that more people complain about headaches than any other type of ailment? Approximately 45 million Americans are suffering from chronic headaches each year (or about one in every six people), and MOST of the choice painkillers are triggering MORE headaches!

TCM recognizes that not all headaches are the same. Therefore, one treatment method may not be right for treating all types of headaches. In traditional medicine, each individual is diagnosed by what “channel” or “organ” pathology is being affected, thereby causing the headache.

In TCM, a headache has two parts: the root and the branch. The root is whatever “channel” or “organ” is causing the headache, and the branch is the pain itself. TCM works to treat both the root and the branch, so the result is more long-term, instead of temporarily relieving the pain. Speed is everything. Do not procrastinate.

By integrating Western and Eastern knowledge, it’s possible to analyze and treat the types of headaches you may be experiencing.

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