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I was using man made pain medication for years trusting only western ways until I went to Pam Purser. On my first session, she made all the nagging pain leave my body, it was truly amazing!!! I'm a true believer in her ability to ease pain injuries such as back, joint and feet. All the man made pills were ruining my body with opioids addiction and totally putting a ruin to my liver and kidneys. Since regular sessions my overall health has improved 150% and now totally off man made crap. Thank you Pam Purser.


...I had low back pain that shot down my leg. Pamala fixed it completely in as little as 3 sessions. A happy side effect was that not only did the pain go away, but I was less stressed and more relaxed too…


Our entire family have come for treatments to Pamela. My father who had extreme lower back pain, in just few treatments his back pain was drastically improved. One of my kids had complained of having cold feet on regular bases. I brought him to see Pam and on the 2nd session when we left the office, he said he was shocked on how warm his feet felt. It has been 3 years and he has not had any problems since. I just can't say enough about Pamela and the gift she has helping others. I have had many sessions with her in just keeping myself well and every session always left feeling more energized, focused and a profound feeling of clarity. Pamelas gift in helping others is above and beyond Amazing. Highly Recommend Pamela!


I have struggled for years with T2 diabetes (unknowingly until I was diagnosed a year ago), anxiety, hot flashes, etc. and as a result, my health went downhill. I was a skeptic when it comes to alternative practices such as homeopathy, chiropractic, and acupuncture. Boy, I was so wrong. Pamela saw me a few years ago at the time I was practically a wreck. She recommended me acupuncture and I sure was hesitant to get one. Then, I was thinking, what the heck, I will give it a try. She asked me many questions to understand the issues I was having. She was a good listener and very compassionate. She was also very thorough in explaining what was wrong and recommended a treatment approach. She was very forthright and informative beyond my expectations. Today, I am a TRUE believer in alternative treatments. Pamela has proven it time and time again. SHE IS MY ANGEL SENT FROM ABOVE... She gave me hope to a healthy me.


Pamela has treated me on many occasions and has always been very professional and attentive to my needs. The new location is pristine and the staff is amazing. I would highly recommend Pamela, not only for her knowledge and professionalism, but also as a very caring person who wants the best for her patients…