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What to Expect With Acupuncture


Quick & Painless – The procedure is quick and painless, you’re in and out of the office in 30-45 minutes.

Treatment Course – The number of acupuncture treatments will vary based on your specific condition, the length of time you have had it, the severity, and your physical constitution.

Accurate Evaluation – Once you are evaluated, the Acupuncture Physician will analyze your condition and give you an estimate of the number of treatments likely needed based on clinically evidence based data and experience.

Following your evaluation, your custom treatment program that may include one or a combination of Acupuncture, customized Chinese Herbal Medicine and/or dietary supplements.

Process – The Acupuncture treatment process is repeated 2-4 times a week until maximum improvement is seen. Then, a maintenance regimen is often prescribed to prevent recurrence. Maintenance may be as little as 1-2 times per month.

Absence Of Symptoms – Staying on a customized Acupuncture treatment plan often results in complete absence of symptoms, even in severe pain conditions that have been present for years.

If you have any further questions, call our office at (850) 710-3288. We look forward to helping you achieve your goal for pain-free life for years to come!