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Worry: Late Summer’s Emotion

9 - Mar - 22

I have seen more worry, fatigue, and digestive issues than usual since late July. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Late Summer (late July to mid-September) is the period known as the season of Worry.

There’s plenty to worry about. Yet, as natural beings, we get affected by our natural environment, especially the season we are in.

Worry can look like over-thinking, anger, self-doubt, confusion, insomnia, resentment, and frustration.

The body organ that gets impacted by Worry is our digestive system. On top of digesting our daily meals, we have so much to “digest” this year. Changes are occurring at a fast pace.

Common symptoms can be seen with our digestive and appetite disturbance, such as feeling bloated, burping, abdominal distention, and pain. Some may have symptoms like weak body and limbs, or some may get aggravated with strenuous activities.

5 Mindful Modalities to cope with Worry:

  1. Be mindful of what you’re ingesting. These include food, emotions, environment, media, and life experiences.
  2. Identify the Worry. Overthinking of what to wear, what food to eat. Identify and learn to eliminate unnecessary Worry.
  3. Meditation. Works wonders on calming our minds.
  4. Gratitude. Count your blessings. Every second, every day. I am grateful for what I have, the experience, and the ability to help others to feel better.
  5. If you’re following steps one through four and still want professional support to address your Worry, acupuncture is a great option.